About Our Business Solutions

Our business solutions help owners prepare for the future by ensuring the business continues to succeed, regardless of what the future brings.

Through wealth strategies, tax and business planning, and risk management, we can not only help the business thrive, but the business owner, too.

Business Continuation

We help prepare for expected, or unexpected, changes in management through buy/sells, succession planning, and key-person funding.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Our experienced pension actuaries can assist with due diligence reviews of current retirement plans, as well as plan design and administration for new retirement plans.

Retirement Planning

Our custom-designed qualified retirement plans provide top-line deductions for your business, and focus on maximizing contributions and benefits for the owners.

About Monarch Financial Advisors

We all have dreams for our future - for our business, for our retirement, for our family ... but how do you grab that dream and make it a reality? You plan for it. And we can help.

Monarch Financial Advisors was founded to help individuals and business owners plan and save for the future - for retirement, and for the unexpected along the way. We understand that your business is as unique as you are, so our solutions focus on you, your business, how you see your future, and what your retirement dreams are. Everyone has a dream for their future. We can help to make it a reality.

Sue Burnett – Founder


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